We use these construction blocks to build websites and web applications

Open Source

‘Open source’ is software where the source code is freely available for distribution and changes and in this way it is also often improved. Netronix chooses to work with open source software because this software can easily and quickly be changed, it is regularly updated and on top of this there are no copyrights or extra charges.

Ruby / Ruby on Rails

For the development of a whole range of applications, Netronix uses ‘Ruby on Rails’, an open source application framework written in the Ruby programming language. The Ruby on Rails-framework aims for maximum user-friendliness. This results in a code which is well legible and understandable.

Juggler CMS

Smooth updating of web content stimulates findability. Therefore, maintaining a website should be easy. For this reason we built our own Juggler CMS. Every day again, we reflect hard on the interface. This interface is logic, intuitive and even simple. Advanced options are present in a subtle way and don't disturb the whole. A good CMS should be pleasing to work with for the marketing oriented user as well as for the designer and the developer.

PostgreSQL / MySQL / MongoDB

‘MongoDB’ is a document oriented database that can be easily distributed. In order to guarantee an optimal, stable user experience, at Netronix we use MongoDB as the foundation to develop Juggler CMS.

We also like to use PostgreSQL & MySQL, a versatile database management system that perfectly fits in with the various technologies we are using to develop applications.


Linux is a group of operating systems (cfr. Windows and OS X), based on Unix using the Linux kernel and GNU software. Such systems, also called Linux distributions or ‘distros’, are available for free as well as for sale from several companies. In this last case, you often get extras such as support, manuals and additional (sometimes not-free) software. The Linux kernel is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which means it is free software. As a consequence, all underlying source code is available for free, and can be freely used, modified, copied and distributed.


Ansible is a very simple IT orchestration system which allows easy installation and maintenance of applications and servers. It avoids writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications. Using SSH, it is possible to fully automate your infrastructure, with no agents to be installed on remote systems.

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