System and software automation (DevOps)

Seamless and without downtime from developer to server

Your brilliantly programmed web application, intended to boost your business or to make your services more user-friendly, loses all of its value if it turns out that the developer didn't take into account the server environment. This is why collaboration between programmer and system engineer is the first mission for us at the very beginning of each new project.

DevOps: programming and implementing through close consultation

We apply the DevOps development methodology, focusing on communication, collaboration and integration between software developers, IT professionals and system engineers. On top of this, we streamline the software project by automating the major processes. This way, these processes can be repeated, resulting in a smooth running production line.

  • This enhances your software quality.
  • Downtime and extra testing is avoided as soon as your web shop or online application is enabled.
  • Problems related to updates are avoided.
  • The end user avoids any frustrations.
  • It preserves you from loss of revenues.

Application of best practices and advice

As a developer, sysadmin or consultant in this field we help you perform:

  • software development best practices (mainly Ruby based, but also Python, PHP and other programming languages)
  • continuous integration platforms
  • automating deployments
  • configuration management
  • applications monitoring and accessibility
  • Tools: Ansible, Capistrano, Jenkins, Git, …
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