Collaboration with Netronix usually takes place in the following way

1. Exploration

In order to customize the transformation of your ideas into efficient digital platforms or troubleshoot by means of existing applications, we should be informed about your plans beforehand and we need to learn all about the goal you're aiming at. Perhaps you even have an idea of the budget you want to spend on this. During this preliminary conversation, it becomes clear very soon whether or not Netronix really is the right partner for your project. At the same time, we can immediately screen for all weak links or points of interest.

We will ask questions, but of course you are entitled to do the same as well and bombard us with all possible questions: regarding availability, rates and everything you want to learn about a possible collaboration.

2. Estimation

We analyze the requirements to realize your project and calculate a price indication for you.

3. Offer

As soon as you decide to engage us for your online project, we prepare a detailed offer.

4. Planning

Upon signing the contract, we prepare a practical planning, mentioning the following: what we expect you to do or to prepare before we can set off, how we will keep you informed about our progress and when you might expect final delivery.

5. Building

Depending on the complexity of the order, we proceed in stages, because maybe we might need other partners to be involved in the project: a photographer, a copywriter, a designer, … Moreover, it can be necessary to carry out testing, evaluation and adjustment in between. Whilst programming is still in course, we could for instance present you the design and the information architecture. Anyhow we'll keep you informed about our full progress.

6. Launching

As soon as each part of our digital solution has been discussed, explored and tested, and after you have become well acquainted with it, time has come for the most exciting part of our collaboration: launching your website or web application.

7. Support

Obviously, after launching your project we remain available for all explanation and support.

Each project is different, because each idea from which a project originates is different. As for major projects, it is probable, and perhaps even preferable, to have the above process repeated for each separate part. Luckily for you, behind all those digital and online possibilities there are people with whom you can talk about it, because everything starts with a good talk.

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