Mobile applications

Using mobile applications, your message or service is accessible everywhere

Smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and laptops drastically changed our way of using the internet. Viewing a website while sitting at your desktop is completely different to quickly checking that same website in between two appointments. Website owners who don't take this difference into account will miss important opportunities to broaden a relationship based on mutual trust with their customers or visitors.

Elaborating and building mobile applications and websites

At Netronix, we switched the button years ago. Today, it seems most obvious that all websites and all web applications we are using as platform, are responsive and as a consequence can also be consulted and manipulated from whatever device. In view of this, we are your right partner to work out and program your mobile applications. These can easily be consulted everywhere and represent the seamless vehicle for your message or service.

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Michaël Rigart

My name is Michael Rigart, you can always call upon me if you need any help.

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Inspired by the mobile microbe? Perfect, because Netronix goes mobile as well. Let's join forces to find out how we can release your idea to the mobile market.

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