About Netronix

“Making language understandable for computers and vice versa”

Michaël Rigart

“As an IT engineer, I have been trained to communicate fluently with computers and servers. However, working as a software engineer and developer at certain renowned web pioneer companies, I discovered that this is only part of the job. If, as a developer, you are unable to communicate in an understandable way with people who want computers to do something for them, it is as if you both live on different planets.

I founded Netronix in 2006 precisely to create the opportunity to combine these two passions of mine. So today, I consider myself rather a translator. I translate ideas and needs of people from the most various sectors and with the most different goals into computer and server language. Vice versa, I help people to easily understand computer language by means of web applications and mobile tools, in order for them to find a reliable partner in the internet. In this way, I always try to establish the missing links between the idea in someone's brains and the web.”

Those who are interested in a technical explanation regarding my activities and the evolutions in the IT world can read my English blog.