About Netronix

Netronix tries to shorten the distance between your idea, perhaps haunting you for a very long time, and its realization by means of the internet in a most efficient and user-friendly way. For this purpose, manager Michaël Rigart uses his own design and programming experience in the first place, but he also calls upon partners, each of them renowned experts in their domain. In this way, Netronix offers its customers complete solutions for their online needs.

Michaël Rigart

“Today, I consider myself rather a translator. I translate ideas and needs of people into computer language. Vice versa, I help people to easily understand computer language by means of web applications and mobile tools, in order to help them find a reliable partner in the internet.”

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Reliable partners

“No man is an island. At Netronix I have people assisting me who have become specialized in the various aspects of the internet and website design. They are my fixed partners whom I fully trust.”

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